Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Giant Poke Plant

I wanted to show off how big my poke plant had become. We had plenty of rain in the late spring and wild plants responded with some of the healthiest and a large growth I've ever seen.

This is a picture of my giant poke plant by the driveway. It was becoming a menace as the berries were beginning to ripen. They'll stain your clothes or feet, bright, purple, and nearly permanent. We had to cut it down so people could walk to the house without encountering the staining juice.

Large Adult Pokeweed

The reason this extraordinary growth is so amazing is because it started this spring as the tiny little shoot pictured below.

A Young and Tender Poke Shoot

Okay, not so amazing if you've watched how poke makes its phenomenal growth every year. This one IS bigger than normal though. When we cut it down the hollow, purple stem was nearly 3 inches in diameter at the base.

The temperature is going to be in the 100s this coming week or so here in northern Missouri. That pretty hot for many wild greens, but the blackberries and wild grapes will be ripening soon to take up the slack. There's always something to eat out there!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We kept our poke down, because our kids would have found that nice purple dye and tried to use it with everything.Our blackberries did poorly this summer. we are done picking them already. and I haven't found a single puffball this summer yet, nor any other mushroom. ( I take that back, we spot a chicken of the woods along a nearby road but we didn't stop to pick it, we were in a time crunch)

Wild T said...

Yep, kids sure love that purple dye! Here, we had good rain early, but then hot and dry. This is supposed to be the last day in the 100's (crossing my fingers).