Thursday, July 5, 2007

The New Cicada Crop

I rescued a cicada this morning. He had emerged from his casing, but the casing had fallen on to the porch, leaving the cicada on his back. He was trying to climb, but the empty casing was just rolling in his grasp.

The wings were still soft and folded up. I picked him up and let him climb up a post. He sat with his wings pulsing occasionally as they dried. Here he is fresh and new, with beautiful blue lines around his wingtips and a lime green wing base.

A Newly Emerged Cicada

Sorry for not posting so much lately. I injured my wrists a little doing too much painting at once, and haven't been on the computer. Oh, and I probably got off topic with this post, since you don't eat cicadas. My dog used to, but I don't.

The plan is to move this blog to Along with the move comes a broadened focus. This gives me a lot more latitude to post about insects or plant dyes or medicinal herbs, not just wild foods you can eat.

Not sure when the actual move is going to happen, but hopefully it'll be soon. Until then, keep eating those cicadas! [jk]

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Preston B. said...

Cicadas are actually quite tasty roasted.