Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mouthwatering Mulberries

On this magnificent morning I've been out nibbling luscious mulberries. Okay, I've actually been doing it every day this past week. It's mulberry season in northwest Missouri, the time of year to slow down and savor one of the delights of the edible outdoors.

A Ripe Mulberry

Mulberries are the perfect berry. They're wonderfully sweet, with no seeds to get stuck in your teeth. No sour surprises if you pick them carefully. If you're like me and don't like tart berries, only pick berries that release easily from the tree. The best ones will practically fall into your hand.

Raspberries are also ripe this time of year. With raspberries, choose only the darkest berries for the sweetest flavor. Raspberries do have seeds, but they are smaller and softer than the seeds of the blackberry.

Carefully selecting the berries you want to eat is a contemplative activity, almost a form of meditation. As you put each morsel into your mouth, the flavor explodes. Close your eyes, and really taste the sweet nectar of life.

A Bug Eating a Mulberry

The mulberries bring deer into the yard. They love mulberries! I'm sure a lot of other little animals come at night when I don't see them. What I do see is the occasional insect enjoying a sweet feast.


Stephanie said...

When we lived in the city we had a mulberry tree right in our back yard. Now that we live in the woods, I've yet to see a mulberry tree! Ironic isn't?

Wild T said...

Yes, a little too ironic! Sure seems like the trees are usually at the edges of fields and homesites. Maybe mulberry trees benefit from a little human disturbance. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them!